Advanced Cleanse

Advanced Cleanse

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The Advanced Cleanse packs a huge amount of leafy greens, assisting in further detoxification. remember, the juices don’t “cleanse” you, but rather provide your body with the nutrition it needs to detox itself. by providing more of an influx of the nutrient rich master green, your body will have more to work with. this juice fast is ideal for the experts to cleansing, as well as those with a high-intensity activity level focused on preserving lean tissue during a period of digestive rest.

What's Included:

Citrus Inferno (13oz), Master Green (17oz), Powerbeet (13oz), S.S. Green (17oz), Turmeric Shot (2oz), The O.J. (17oz), Almond Milk* (17oz), A.C. Lemonade (17oz)

*Although our Almond milk is a fan favorite, we can substitute this with the Muy Thai if you have an almond/nut allergy.

Customer Reviews

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Kristi Jones

The quality and taste are unmatched!

Best juice in town!

Cold Press makes the best juices around. The cleanse leaves your head clearer and your skin brighter.

Additional Information

Adjust the duration to the amount of days you wish to do your juice fast for. 3 is the most popular, although we like 5 the most.

If you are ordering for more than one person, please adjust the quantity for how many people are embarking on this health journey together!

*Any juice fast lasting longer than 3 days gets split up into multiple installments/fulfillments to ensure you are always drinking from our most recent batch. You can "veto" our default setting and elect to receive more than 3 days at a time. Just let us know in the comments during checkout. 5 days is the most we can send at a time due to the perishability of raw juice.