Why Should I Do a Cleanse?

Article published at: Nov 1, 2023
Why Should I Do a Cleanse?
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The Common-sense Approach

Partaking in a cleanse is a unique experience. It’s a way of taking yourself back in time before the food industrial revolution occurred, and, unfortunately, is what shapes most of our diets today. Back then (late 1800s), it was necessary to produce more food to be able to feed the masses and keep up with the booming population. Unfortunately, during the process of increasing food output, things became harmful and unnatural. GMOs, along with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides came into play. Before the food industrial revolution, these had no business being part of the growing and cultivation process. If you think about it, when do diseases, mutations, outbreaks, and disorders happen? They happen when you produce one thing at an unnatural rate in a small area. This applies to everything: produce, livestock, and even humans. The ecosystem is meant to be diverse. There is nothing diverse about our mass producing now. This mass production in confined areas has led to produce becoming “ill.” So, instead of looking at the real cause, like the deficient and overused soil that results in a plant with a weakened immune system, treating the produce with the synthetics mentioned above was the solution.

So how does this tie together with juice and “cleansing”?

Modern humans have been on earth for about 200,000 years. During the last 0.1% of our time here on earth, we have introduced a huge amount of uncontrolled variables fueled by the industrial revolution – from processed food to the antibiotics and hormones in meat, and the pesticides/etc. In produce. as a whole, you can look at any country with easy access to these items and look at their health. The results are quite astounding. 4 out of 10 leading killers in the us are related to dietary intake.

It seems as though people are finally coming around and beginning to accept and believe that the benefits from whole foods and juicing aren’t just a myth.

With the great gift of the internet, people can learn and find out more than we have ever been able to, and faster than ever. In doing so, people have found out about extreme benefits of juiced produce and how it can combat the negative effects of our modern lifestyles today. Hence the increasing popularity of cold-pressed juice and cleanses.

Doing a juice cleanse won’t magically heal you overnight. but what it will do, though, is aid in bringing yourself back to balance. It will help bring your body back to where it has been for that 99.9%. We’re talking roughly 20 pounds of produce juiced per day (chew on that). And with the knowledge and power that the internet can bring you, you can make conscious decisions to not allow yourself to become part of that 4 in 10 statistic. Everything is about balance here at Cold Off the Press. Sometimes you've either earned your "credit" or you just can’t resist and indulge in that brownie, that burger, etc., go ahead and indulge. That’s where we come into play and offer a fast, easy, no-clean-up necessary way to get you back on track when you get caught off-course.

We wholeheartedly appreciate the opportunity to be part of your healthy routine!


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